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ACT Training and Workshops
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a new model of behavioral treatment that emphasizes acceptance of emotion and thought while maintaining a focus on positive behavior change that is meaningful and consistent with personal values. ACT uses a variety of verbal, experiential and homework techniques plus mindfulness to help patients make experiential contact with previously avoided private events (thoughts, feelings, sensations), without excessive verbal involvement and control – and to make powerful life enhancing choices. The workshops and training provided can be tailored to your needs. 

I have conducted workshops in the following formats:
1. hours long introductory or topic focused
2. One day introductory or topic focused
3. One or more days on full ACT intervention
4. Advanced workshops ranging up to five days

For fees and other information please use the request information box.
TLConsultation Services Services
At TLConsultation Services, we offer three main services:
1. Trainings/workshops in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
2. Consultation and supervision in the application of ACT
3. Psychotherapy

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Consultation and Supervision in ACT
If you are just learning or are a seasoned practitioner wanting to know more about ACT theory and application, I conduct Skype and/or phone consultation and supervision. I work with therapists in training and those already practicing to improve their skill and delivery of ACT. I work in a supportive and collegial fashion and make every effort to assist therapists in gaining the skills they seek. 

For fees and other information please use the request information box.
Upcoming training with Robyn
Further information regarding Robyn's Training can be found on the PRAXIS Website.
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Quotes about Robyn from trainees:

"Robyn...is a dynamic leading ACT trainer,  charismatic and creative." 

“Best workshop I have attended. Excellent  presentation. Gained a lot personally and  professionally.”

“This was one of the best training and workshops I  have had the pleasure to attend (and I’ve been to  some good ones!)."

“Fantastic. Best training I have ever experienced.  Great presenter, great material, great  experience.”

“Great workshop by a great presenter and person.  It’s so nice (and refreshing) to see such a  compassion-based therapy alive and well.”
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